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S. Smiley, Nashville, TN
This is a great book!!
I was dealing with some very difficult problems in my life. I was mentally and emotionally in a low place. After reading this book, I understood my problems in a whole different way and it was clear to me what I needed to do and how. Ms. Grant, you really helped me more than you will ever know. Thank you so much for writing this book.
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B.J., St. Louis, MO
Great book!
While this book is a scholarly piece of work, it is written in a way that makes God’s word less daunting and more attainable to anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of how Spirit works in us. I see this book as a text book for bible schools, a great read for book reading groups and an instructional book for dealing with life’s challenges. This is a very interesting read.
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V. Pope, Nashville, TN
I loved reading this book.
When I purchased Maturing in the Spirit of Love, I thought it would be just another spiritual book that I would read a little here and there. Once I started to read it, I was so captivated by the messages and instructions that I finished reading it in one session. This book is an easy read with great insights, practical application and in-depth religious instruction. No matter where you are in your spiritual development or maturity, I highly recommend that you read this book!
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G.C., Donaldsonville, LA
I started reading this book at night and couldn’t put it down.
When I looked up the sun had come up. This is a very good book.

S.S., Nashville, TN
I absolutely love this book!
It is a scholarly and well researched book that has great suggestions about how to approach life and the many challenges that we all face. The author clearly and accurately connects her assertions and suggestions to the wisdom of God. She also demonstrated keen insights in explaining some bible passages that are often misunderstood and why. I can’t say enough good things about this book. Everyone should read it!
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Teresa N Anthony
The Benefits of Walking with God…!
There comes a time when we all start wondering about the real meaning of life; We find ourselves reflecting and wondering if we made or will make good (wise) decisions that impacts ourselves and those around us.

In Maturing in the Spirit of Love, Ms. Grant takes us on a divinely mapped step-by-step journey that leads us to a greater, deeper relationship and walk with God. Ms. Grant reveals her shyness but invites us into her world to see how this book is the manifestation of her ever-evolving personal journey of maturing in the spirit of love.

Ms. Grant reminds us of the glorious truth that we are created to glorify, worship, and serve God; That when we allow God to be the center of our life, we will experience His love and thus discover our purpose and potential, along with an abundance of blessings and benefits.

Maturing in the Spirit of Love is pleasantly written to help each one of us apply divine wisdom to our daily life and to equip us with a moral compass that allows us to successfully manage the ups and downs with such things as family, money, temptation, marriage, work, friends, and relationships overall.

From a personal standpoint, I made notes on several pages. Of all my notations, the one on pages 112 and 113 (Chapter 10, The Understanding of Christ) which talks about the words of Jesus while He was on the cross stands out as the one that I gained the freshest perspective on the interpretation of scripture…Thanks for giving me a new appreciation of that scene.

The one section that had the greatest impact and moved me to a higher consciousness is on page 137 (Chapter 11, Purifying Your Heart) that speaks about bowing to negative thoughts, submitting to Satan, and in turn calling God a liar…I had a major light bulb moment at that point.

Overall, Maturing in the Spirit of Love was a very good read (I made notes on about 20 pages) and transformed my thinking about many of the scriptures included in the book…Thanks…Ms. Grant! Review by C. Smith
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Life changing book!
Such an excellent book with great insight into love and walking in the love of Christ! This is a life changing book that will make you think and consider new aspects of how to live life. The author gives a lot of great truths to help evaluate and consider life and love. I recommend this book as a great read for anyone trying to improve their outlook on life, relationships and walk with God. The author connects learning, life, relationships and spirituality all together with great biblical reference and real life examples. I really like the way she gives practical examples from her own life in such transparency that takes this book to the next level! This is a good read for all ages and should be considered by all!
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Carlton Bethley
Superb writing style!!!!!
This Book is an awesome work of material.. I found it to be informative, inspiring, and in many ways capable of revolutionizing ones way of thinking when it comes to biblical views and our concept towards God and Love.. This Book could easily be used as a text book in Biblical Universities.. Ms. Grant Poured herself in the pages and writes with a style that considers the reader understanding every step of the way as I journeyed through the pages from the beginning to end.. I can't wait to read her next book...
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God's Love is Eternal
The Author's love for God permeates all the pages of this book, which makes one ponder deeper about their own relationship with Jesus Christ. Watch the pages turn as you are guided through stages of maturity through the understanding of God's love for all his children. There's a deeper understanding for which is achieved when one adhere's to the book's core principles of loyalty, kindness and love for the word of God. A fun book to read!
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Angelina R Broom-Brooks

Rob Brown
Her book is a great read and easy to understand
Bianca is an anointed woman of God. Her book is a great read and easy to understand. She makes it plain and clear.

Amazon Customer
Very inspiring, easy read
This very inspiring, easy read is a “must read” for all who are looking to live a life more pleasing to God.

Tony Mig
A very good read!
This book is an easy read flowing with insights on biblical principles. A lot of food for thought within the book. I'd recommend to anyone.